78,000 is the number of puppies just ONE unspayed female dog could be ultimately responsible for over seven years based on population growth statistics!

Spays 4 Strays exists to make a long term difference when it comes to the issue of stray cats and dogs. Ensuring that dogs and cats can't continue to breed litters 2-3 times a year, is the absolute best way to control their numbers.

We're asking our supporters to join with our directors in taking 78,000 steps, be that running, walking, hopping, skipping or jumping, every week for the 4 full weeks in May.

That's 312,000 steps over the month, or just over 11,000 a day. Whether you do that spread evenly over the month or throw in a few long walks is up to you. Then just ask friends and family to sponsor you on our JustGiving page -

Each spay costs around £25, but that one spay is potentially saving 78,000 puppies or 370,000 kittens from being born to a life of neglect, disease and suffering on the streets.

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