Radauti, Romania - Day 9

16th November 2022

Our partner vet in Radauti got a call asking for help spaying 8 kittens, and how could we say no?


That's 8 more kittens who won't be contributing to the overpopulation problem.

Radauti, Romania - Day 8

2nd November 2022

We were back in Radauti for our 8th spay day in the area!
Another 5 animals spayed by ZubiVet Cabinet si Farmacie and sponsored by All 4 Paws Fife and Waggy Washers Professional Dog Groomers.
These spays will really make a difference in an area which is very close to the Ukraine border and has seen lots of new arrivals this year.

Nisipari, Romania - Day 2

13th October 2022

Another 15 dogs and cats spayed in conjunction with Barking Mad Dog Rescue in Nisipari, taking our total to 358 spays so far!
We couldn't do this without the support of our rescue friends!

Nisipari, Romania - Day 1

29th September 2022

We had our first spay day in Nisipari in partnership with Barking Mad Dog Rescue which saw another 15 cats and dogs neutered, as well as one who had a hernia repaired (special thanks to Katie at Barking Mad Dog Rescue for donating the extra to cover the cost, ensuring every penny donated for spaying, is spent on spaying!)

Sorgun, Turkey - day 1

30th July 2022

3 of the 10 Sorgun cats were spayed yesterday.
ICYMI, we were contacted by a local in Turkey who has been taking care of 10 young stray cats outside a school in Sorgun.
Thankfully these poor souls are given food by locals, but would sadly start to multiply if left unspayed - meaning more mouths to feed, more disease, and a life of suffering on the streets.

Giurgiu county, Romania - Day 3

30th July 2022

A whopping 51 animals spayed in Giurgiu County today in collaboration with Rescuing European Animals in Need -REAN
This is the 3rd day in Giurgiu County and brings our total for the area to 147. This will have a huge impact on helping to control the stray population.
Thank you to everyone who has helped contribute to this amazing total!

Yozgat, Turkey - day 2

22nd July 2022

A massive thank you to Ömer CODAR-Çayıralan Belediye Başkanı for supporting our spay campaign in conjunction with Rescuing European Animals in Need -REAN in Cayiralan today.
A whopping 31 dogs and 9 cats were spayed today, meaning they will no longer be contributing to the growing stray population.
Thank you to all our supporters who helped make this possible including Waggy Washers Professional Dog Groomers and All4Paws Fife.

Radauti, Romania - Day 7

29th June 2022

We were back in Radauti for our 7th spay day with vet Gabriel Zub.
Another 5 cats spayed today. Thank you so much to our supporters who make this vital work possible!

Yozgat, Turkey - day 1

27th June 2022

Another 24 street dogs spayed today! This time in Yozgat, Turkey. They’ll be kept in to recover with the vet, Himmet, before being released.
We couldn’t have run this campaign without the help of All4Paws Fife and Waggy Washers. Thank you for all your support ❤️

Radauti, Romania - Day 6

18th May 2022

We were back in Radauti for our 6th spay day with vet Gabriel Zub.
Another 4 dogs and 1 cat spayed today.
Thank you to our wonderful supporters who made this possible.

giurgiu county, Romania - day 2

5th May 2022

It was another fantastic day in Uiesti, Giurgiu today. Another 46 cats and dogs neutered; a mix of cats and dogs, male and female, strays and pets whose owners couldn't otherwise afford it.
This makes an enormous difference to the area - that's 46 animals who can no longer contribute to the stray problem there, ever.
Thank you to George Radu and Maria Catalina, also to Rescuing European Animals in Need -REAN for their amazing support in funding this campaign.

Perisoru, Romania - Day 1

27th April 2022

We were thrilled to be able to contribute 8 spays to this huge Perisoru spayathon!
Thank you to the amazing vets, techs, volunteers, donors and sponsors. A total of 94 dogs and cats were spayed and neutered!
In conjuction with Animal Spay Neuter International, Romania Animal Rescue, and Spays 4 Strays. Together we can achieve miracles !

Bacau, Romania - day 2

21st April 2022

 With the remaining funds raised for the Bacău spay day, we were able to get another 5 cats and 3 dogs spayed in Bacău today!
Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible including Caroline's Caring Across the Continent, Amon Vet Care and Elena Berbece

Bacau, Romania - DAy 1

18th April 2022

Our first spay day in Bacău organised with the support of Caroline's Caring Across the Continent  has taken place today with 18 dogs and 1 cat being spayed!
A massive thank you to everyone who contributed to make this spay day possible. We can’t do this without your help! ❤️



Constanta, Romania - day 2

12th April 2022

Delighted that another 12 dogs - 3 males and 9 females - have been spayed today in Constanta by vet Cristina Crintea of Mustang Vets.


10 of the 12 were street dogs and the other 2 had owners who couldn't afford to get them spayed.

Giurgiu county, Romania - DAy 1

7th April 2022

Our biggest spay day to date!

50 dogs and cats have been spayed by George Radu and his vet team! A massive thank you to Rescuing European Animals in Need -REAN and to the volunteers on the ground catching the animals so that they could be spayed ❤️
This will make such a huge difference in the area which has a massive number of stray and abandoned animals and previously has not benefited from organised spay campaign



Radauti, Romania - day 5

6th April 2022

With thanks to Gabriel Zub and Pawsome Dog Rescue, we were able to hold our 5th day in Radauti with another 2 dogs and 3 cats spayed and dewormed, with the females also being chipped.


We are making such a difference in the Radauti area, where there had been very little support for spay campaigns previously.

Constanta, Romania - DAy 1

29th March 2022

We were delighted to hold our first spay day in Constanta with vet Cristina Crintea. 


All Paws Rescue and Pound Puppy Animal Rescue both donated to support this spay day with 9 dogs successfully spayed!



Radauti, Romania - day 4

28th March 2022

Another 5 cats spayed today in Radauti by ZubiVet Cabinet si Farmacie, with a massive thank you to Pound puppy animal rescue for supporting.
We also funded a spay for a street cat today in Constanta.
That’s another 6 cats no longer subjected to the risks that pregnancy brings and another generation of kittens saved from being born onto the streets.

Radauti, Romania - Days 2 & 3

Days 2 and 3 in Radauti were combined with 6 dogs and 5 cats having been spayed, dewormed and female dogs have been chipped.
Many thanks to All Paws Rescue for sponsoring 4 dogs, Pound puppy animal rescue for sponsoring 5 cats and 2nd Chance Dogs for sponsoring 2 Ukrainian dogs in dedication to Marco & Polo.
Thanks ZubiVet Cabinet si Farmacie

Radauti, Romania - day 1

28th March 2022

Our first spay day in Radauti! We are beyond grateful to everyone who has supported this by donating and sharing our posts.
It was a great success and we have a long waiting list already for the next day, which will be just as soon as we have raised enough funds to cover the cost.
Thank you again - without you it wouldn't be possible

calarasi, Romania - Days 1 & 2

We made a fantastic start with our first campaign in Calarasi, funding a total of 24 spays!
It will make such a difference. A massive thank you to our supporters, we couldn’t do it without you!
Let’s keep it going and see how soon we can get to that 100 spays flag!