Spays 4 Strays is a non-profit organisation, formed by 4 former rescue friends and colleagues who decided they wanted to do more to address the unwanted stray populations abroad.


We could all see very plainly, was that no matter how many were saved, how many were successfully adopted in the UK or other countries, there were always plenty more waiting their turn. It's like a bottomless pit, and having adopted 10 dogs between us and fostered almost 20 more, we felt we hadn't really made a long term difference at all.


We firmly believe that to really help, there needs to be a two-pronged approach. Firstly, rescuing, for the poor animals who are already living a life filled with neglect, suffering and often abuse. There are many rescues already in existence doing this vital work. Secondly, as any reputable rescue will tell you, neuter campaigns are the ONLY way to make a long term difference. Ensuring that dogs and cats can't continue to breed litters 2-3 times a year, is the absolute best way to control their numbers.


We felt that there are so many rescues, but few organisations who only focus on spaying. So we wanted to try to readdress the imbalance. And so in December 2021, Spays 4 Strays came into being.


We have been very fortunate to have some great rescue friends, and we are delighted to collaborate with as many rescues as possible to increase our reach and find trusted contacts in multiple areas.


Together, we can do great things and make a real impact, so that hopefully one day, there'll be no animals waiting for a space in a rescue shelter.



Meet the team

Carol McCallum


Emma Lamont


Hayley Tennie


Laura Rollins


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